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Water Empowerment For Life by Dr. David Wheeler,

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The spiral is one of the oldest and most universal symbols. It represents the cosmic force, a doorway to life, the cycles of time and nature, spiritual journey, evolution/learning/growing, emanation, winding and unwinding, birth and death, the dynamic aspect of things... The spiral appears often in my work.

The Spiral, which is the oldest symbol known to be used in spiritual practices, reflects the universal pattern of growth and evolution. The spiral represents the goddess, the womb, fertility and life force energy.

I surround myself with authentic and loving people who share my journey of personal growth and awakening!

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el arte de saber es saber qué hay que ignorar

"The art of knowing is knowing what to ignore." - Rumi --- Don't believe everything, especially things that you don't like to see in your reality, your life, your world. Ignore things that you don't feel comfortable, happy or love with.

Healing Waters: Let the Chakra waters, Flow over and through you, Like a cleansing rainbow, In colors gentle and true, So loving you can feel it, Healing your body, mind and spirit. Prose by Carol Cavalaris © This healing artwork focuses on the Chakra energy centers and colors and features Chakra Energy Healer, Rosanne Reid.

Healing Waters: - Let the Chakra waters Flow over and through you Like a cleansing rainbow. In colors gentle and true. So loving you can feel it. Healing your body, mind and spirit. Prose by Carol Cavalaris ©

5 Habits That Guarantee You’re Living The Life You Really Want| #lifeadvancer | @lifeadvancer

5 Habits That Guarantee You’re Living The Life You Really Want

Cannabis Oil Cures 8 Month Old Infant of Cancer, Dissolving Large Inoperable Tumor In 8 Months

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The big secret to getting what you want in life and business

WHY DOES GOD ALLOW PEOPLE TO SUFFER? IS THE GOD...How Suffering Produces Hope, Paul's Suffering, Sharing Christ's Sufferings, Soldier of Christ, the meaning of suffering, Trials, Tribulations And Afflictions, What Suffering Produces

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"God created us as organisms not machines. There are millions of reasons why the fullness of time when God sent forth his Son occurred in the first century (Galatians 4:4). But one reason was so that the Son would frequently use agricultural metaphors to illustrate spiritual truths. Think of the parables of the sower (Matthew 13:19) the wheat and weeds (Matthew 13:2430) and the mustard seed (Matthew 13:3132). Think of metaphors of the fruit-bearing trees (Matthew 7:1618) the vine and…

God often makes us wait for the personal growth we want because He wants us to know it comes from Him, and not us.

A compelling 40 devotional to deepen your intimacy with God. One reviewer said, "The best devotional book I've ever read!"

40 Promises to Trust God for

Do you ever feel spiritually marginalized by doubt, distrust, or insecurity? Join missionary Arabah Joy on a vulnerable, compelling journey to trust. Deepen your intimacy with God through this 40 day devotional journey. JUST RELEASED BOOK available now in

The true mark of maturity:

"The true mark of maturity is when somebody hurts you and you try to understand their situation instead of trying to hurt them back." // (I don't want to label what "the true mark of maturity" is, but this idea of empathy vs revenge is important to me.

The well watered woman lives from her roots (no, not the hair kind!) Here are 5 root attitudes necessary to live full, fruitful, and nourished.

5 Attitudes of the Well Watered Woman

Here& how to make a simple prayer journal. I began a simple prayer journal after reading this one verse! Here& how you can make a prayer journal too!