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Bouilleur de cru — Wikipédia

Bouilleur de cru — Wikipédia

Building an owl box - Corujas Blog

"Corujas" means "owls" in portuguese. Since it's the name of the farm and since owls look great and hunt mice we've always wanted to have one. But we don't want a pet owl.

Like a Morbid

Funny pictures about The Gentleman's guide to amputation. Oh, and cool pics about The Gentleman's guide to amputation. Also, The Gentleman's guide to amputation photos.

How to Make Wildflower Mead~ A one gallon mead recipe with flowers from your yard! www.growforagecookferment.com

How to Make Wildflower Mead

All about human composting! Very good, non-biased resource imo

Compost Myths: To Turn Or Not To Turn, That Is The Question is from Chapter 3 of The Humanure Handbook by Joseph Jenkins.

Corujas Blog

When we rebuilt the house one thing we decided to add was a small greenhouse. We picked a spot with great sun exposure and a convenient pre-existing wall and built a small glass and granite.

Building a forest garden - Corujas Blog

We've been considering the forest gardening concept for a while now. Martin Crawford's book on the subject is an amazing introduction, tutorial and reference.

Watering the kiwi plants continuously with drip irrigation

We've installed a bunch of automated plant watering systems throughout the years. We've done a lot of them based on water timers and pumped water. Lately we've been trying to water directly from.