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stupidchastityslave:I love feel of steel over rubber myself. Ahh to be a shackled prisoner

myrestrictionaddiction: northernleather: Ideal way to store a gimp Strict and rigid.

young-action-latexgear: “ Latex gear & bondage toys from ”

do-not-open-til-christmas: Yeah, I remember what you said. Me and the boys got a big laugh out of it, too.  Hate to be the one to break it to you, Kid, but sexual preferences aren’t really an option for you any more.  From  now on, you’ll cum when we want you to cum, which won’t be often, and your fucking preferences won’t mean squat.  Now sit tight while I bring the truck around.  Hope you didn’t drink a lot of coffee this morning.  It’s a long drive to the ranch. There’s that hot…

Bound Leather,Leather 4,Biker Guy'S,Hot Biker,Gimp Rubberbiker,Bound Up,Naughty Boi,Correct,Erotic

Rubber Cult is at Shillibeers Bar, Carpenter's Mews, North Road LONDON N7 9EF on September 27th from 8pm to 2am. Third event for 2014 is on Sept 27th

ricos-stylz: followsmokey: Always an instant reblog. Certainly nice. Wasn’t Cheryl bold enough to wear this on the X-factor? It’s nice to see so much fun being had on tumbler and great that so many more people show their interest in the clothes that turn them on and so generously the eyes of all us who feast on great pics like this one.