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Kay Pike transforms herself into comic book heroes and villains using JUST body paint - with each one taking up to 15 hours to perfect

Wonderful Bodypaint Art Of Kay Pike #art #artist #batman #Body_Paint #DC_Comics #Deadpool #Hulk #Kay_Pike #make-up #Marvel #Spider-Man

Conoce el trabajo de Kay Pike, Body Painting de super héroes sobre su propio cuerpo La verdad es que este post es una de esas cosas raras sobre las que uno suele compartir. Buscando material para traerles me topé con esta chica que realiza el trabajo de pintura corporal sobre ella misma, se filma y lo comparte en las redes. Si bien se la ve bastante atractiva y muchos entran a ver los videos para apreciar su belleza (lo dice ella en una nota), no se puede negar el buen trabajo que realiza…

Time Lapse Video of Artist Painting a Poison Ivy Costume on Her Body at 1,000x Speed

Wonderful fashion designer, mixed artist, and cosplay model Kay Pike has created a fantastic new time lapse video that features Kay painting a Poison Ivy costume on her own body at speed. Pi…

Cosplay bodypainter recreates comic characters and superheroes, in pictures

Cosplay Bodypainter Recreates Comic Characters and Superheroes | in Pictures | Telegraph

Kay Pike is an artist who makes amazing body paint cosplay. We’ve neverThe Alien of Joy. She is my Venus, full of love and beauty . Starfire has always been a cosplay goal, so I am truly blessed and grateful for the ability to paint. I came up with a game the twitch stream, I was doing Starfire' s Teen Titan voice. For quotes the chat gave me. I am told my imitation is spot on :D I am planning of doing more versions of her in the future. I love so many of her iterations. This is the most…