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"I don't have eyes." "Roses are black, violets are black. Everything is black. I am blind"

J.K. Rowling!!!! Harry Potter actually MADE my life!

This is gospel for the fallen ones locked away in permanent slumber IF YOU LOVE ME LET ME GOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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Common Girl 🎃 on

Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley The Fault in Our Stars Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters


This is What Happens When Disney Characters Meet Divergent

My 2 favorite Tangled Rapunzel and Shailene Woodley TFIOS & Divergent


Favorite Things Friday -

Thank you for our little infinity

watched the fault in our stars again tonight. even though I saw it almost 50 times I stilled bawled my eyes out

I know they are all fictional characters, and I don't even know who all of them are, but the sentiment rings true.