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VULTURE GOLD MINE in Wickenburg AZ. There is no arguing that this abandoned goldmine and ghost town is haunted. You can expect a paranormal experience or ghostly encounter in different buildings and throughout the town. The caretaker’s home was abandoned, the caretaker claimed to have seen a ghost standing next to the fireplace on different occasions. The mining vault is said to be haunted by the spirits of 2 gold thieves who have been heard whispering to visitors to “take the gold.”

The Haunted Bellamy Bridge in Florida. It’s not just the bridge that is haunted, it’s the entire swamp surrounding it. This steal frame bridge was originally constructed in 1914 and is the oldest of its kind in Florida.

Vulture City, AZ was one of the most successful gold mines in the US until it was shut down in the 40′s. It went from a town of 5,000 to a ghost town virtually overnight.

The old Haunted Custom House at Custom House Plaza Monterey in California. Many spirits linger around this haunted building.