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Pokot by Ferdinand Reus, via Flickr The Pokot people live in the West Pokot and Baringo Districts of Kenya and in eastern Karamoja in Uganda. They speak Pökoot, language of the Southern Nilotic language family. There are about left in East Africa.

An old African woman from the Bushmen tribe in Botswana, Kalahari Desert. The 'Bushmen' or 'San' are the oldest inhabitants of southern Africa. They are hunter-gatherers and their home is the Kalahari desert. The Bushmen speak a variety of languages with a unique 'click' sound. They hunt, mainly various kinds of antelope, but their daily diet is also based on fruits, nuts and roots which they seek out in the desert. // by Dietmar Temps

Woman spinning wool, Northwest Africa ca. 1895 [note pair of fibula brooch pins holding the shawl on her shoulders, reminiscent of bronze and iron-age styles of clothing: untailored wraps of woven textiles traditional in biblical lands)