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Patience is a psychedelic science-fiction love story, veering with uncanny precision from violent destruction to deeply personal tenderness in a way that is both quintessentially "Clowesian" and utterly unique in the author's body of work.

Emily Wilding Davison was a militant women's suffrage activist who, on 4 June 1913, after a series of actions that were either self destructive or violent, stepped in front of the horse of King George V at the Epsom Derby, sustaining injuries that resulted in her death four days later.

Magazine - For Keeps...

Bremen, Germany based artist, Gregor Gaida, has often made sculpture work based around the aggressive or emotional acts of mankind, and his series, Attaboys is no exception. The aluminum sculptures appear to be destroying a gallery floor

Wound reopened. I thought Rowaelin would help and it has, but if Sam were miraculously still alive I would immediately switch my OTP for Throne of Glass

The idea for this particular challenge was to do a modern day version of Sakhmet, as she might appear in comics. I took a bit of a high fashion route in interpreting her traditional garb (read: ZIPPERS EVERYWHERE ZIPPERS), and what the hell! I like it.

Should violent images of women EVER be portrayed as chic? Campaigners condemn grotesque 'beauty victim' photoshoot as 'perverse'

Acid burn

Ukrainian opposition issues ultimatum to president

Protesters clash with police in central Kiev. Three protesters killed as Kiev riots turn deadly - Two people shot, a third falls to his death, and many more seriously injured as unrest in Ukrainian capital boils over. Photograph: Efrem Lukatsky/AP

True. But truer: "The enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge"

Mexican coastal highway collapses 300ft into sea after earthquake

Mexican coastal highway cracks up and slides 300ft down mountainside into sea after earthquake near U.S. border - 12/2013

"When the weather turned violent and stormy, Lori Mehmen, who lives in the small farming town of Orchard in northeastern Iowa, looked out her front door and saw a funnel cloud bearing down — and evidently had the presence of mind to grab her digital camera and capture this shot before taking cover."

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