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Come check out all of the products that will help with weight loss and general health! There are products for weight loss, stretch marks, scars, cellulite, pain, nerves, carb blockers, menopause and much more! Face book: get skinny with Irene Phone: 719-821-3275 All of the ingredients are all natural as well!

So I just tried this experiment for fun. What you need: -Vicks vapor rub -Coconut oil -Coffee grounds -Saran wrap •First I put a layer of vicks vapor rub on my stomach. •Then I mixed the coffee grounds and coconut oil and made it into a paste. Then rubbed that on my stomach. •I then wrapped saran wrap around my stomach 4x. •I let it sit for 30 min.


How to Make Your Own Body Wrap

Holy CRAP! This actually worked! The at home body wrap took inches off my mid section...seriously incredible. PIN NOW!

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Typo found on Instagram 35

Typo found on Instagram 35 It’s instagram time... • typostrate - the typography and design blog

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30 Photos of Marilyn Monroe Not Giving a Damn

1950s- Marilyn Monroe photographed by Andre de Dienes in 1953 ... beauty and health is NOT super skinny!!

Stella McCartney for Adidas Bra Top

If you are worried about protecting hair colour at the beach, wrap it up to protect it from the sun and your scalp from the heat!

How to use a long yoga strap to help move your shoulders back and down - reducing stiff shoulders, sore necks and upper back pain. Absolutely love this / great for desk sitting repair!

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46 sneaky names for sugar-img

46 sneaky names for sugar, know what to look out for. #Infographic #Health #Diet


Sleep Starvation Charts : sleep deprivation effects

What happens when your brain doesn't sleep? Sleep Starvation Charts : sleep deprivation effects