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China planning a nuclear-powered mobile deep-sea mining platform www.ampleearth.com

China planning a nuclear-powered mobile deep-sea mining platform

Ocean Energy Waveglider, ocean powerd vehicle, http://yook3.com

Drone revolution hits the high seas - Fortune

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Government funding for Aquarius Reef Base, America's only underwater laboratory, has ended, will someone else step up to the plate?

Spring fling: Take one undersea lab, add six divers sharing discoveries of the deep, throw in a couple of live cameras, let steep for 31 days.

Davis Paul Meltzer- Conshelf III Submersible (National Geographic, April 1966). http://www.messynessychic.com/2013/05/27/remains-of-an-underwater-habitat-left-by-1960s-sea-dwellers/

Conshelf III Submersible, Davis Meltzer, for National Geographic Society