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lily-frog: “ *SLAMS FIST ON TABLE* I NEED MORE HUGS LIKE THIS PLEASE PROTECT THESE CHILDREN two of my fav scenes in @ferisae​ ‘s fic You Don’t Know Me p.s. please give them happiness ;_; they have...

Olááá povinho querido!! Queria dizer a vocês muito obrigada pelos 106 seguidores!! Uhulll ❤️❤️❤️✨✨ O risada a todo mundo Adoro vcssss Um beijão e continuem ligados para ver mais imagens de Miraculous Ladybug! E de novo,obrigada de verdade❤️❤️

This literally breaks my heart... And what if the Adrien's mother had a miraculous. And she died to save Paris. And Mr. Agreste decided to take revenge by taking his Miraculous and stealing all those existing?