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Arctic Blast Takes Aim at Frigid US -


Arctic blast to leave UK shivering this weekend

The polar vortex is again blasting much of the lower 48 states with Arctic air, but record warmth is affecting Alaska and the West.

from Greenpeace International

Every 10 seconds...

The Arctic Ocean is being blasted by deafening 259 decibel explosions. Why? To map oil deposits under the ocean floor so that Shell & other big oil companies know where to set their greedy gaze for future oil exploration. Until now, all this was happening in near-secret, at the top of the world, far from the public eye. #EndFossilFuels. #CleanEnergyNow.

Freezing -15C cold snap to bring snow storm, arctic blast and...: Freezing -15C cold snap to bring snow storm, arctic blast… #GaryLineker

from Mail Online

The dramatic images of America's record-breaking deep freeze

The weekend started out warm and lovely. I had plans to ride horses, clean the yard, play with dogs and go for a nice hike with the kids. Along about Saturday morning the words “Arctic Blast” kept showing up on my Facebook news feed, and finally I decided to see how arctic this blast was going to be.

from NY Daily News

Holly had little lambs – and put colored sweaters on them

Week old lambs just keepin' warm. Snowy (Peach), Flake (Pink), Michael (Green), Frosty (Blue) - These lambs are real-life wooly jumpers after farmers decided to give warm sweaters to protect them from Britains arctic blast.

Weather cancellations for Tuesday 16 Feb....: Weather cancellations for Tuesday 16 Feb.… #Schoolbuscancellations #WeatherOttawa