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Web Design Freebies — Infinity - Free Space Icons

Infinity - Free Space Icons (Font) more space doodle tattoo ideas!


Today’s featured freebie is a stunning set of iOS line icons by PixelLove. Each icon is meticulously designed on a pixel grid.

Rick and Morty

Pickle Rick from Rick and Morty, a TV show I watch on [adult swim]

The Space Icon Set (50 Icons, SVG & PNG)

There are 50 icons in the set and they all come in both PNG & SVG formats and includes icons for planets, stars, spaceships, and much more.

This is on my bucket list :)

Wish I had the balls to do these things! I will be laughing to myself next time I am on an elevator. So funny!

10583963_10152226678292062_301208803592689195_n.jpg (640×640)

"I'm a simple woman, I like handsome, bearded, brunette men and breakfast food."----> And blond men I'm not picky specially if they look like Jensen Ackles and Chris Evans .

come watch tv.

"Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. Come watch tv." One of my favorite Rick and Morty quotes.

Use the bullet journal to stay sane as a student - check out tips from Jady on the blog today!

Time-management and self-care skills are crucial skills for all students — and that’s especially true for graduate students -- Use the bullet journal to stay sane and top of all of your priorities!

Not hate, but still in disbelief that it was all lies . How? Why? Really, you reason for doing something so terrible according to her, was you were lying to someone to play a game, better sex, to get affection, to have someone appreciate you, treat you right. Really, just lies so the lies to me were more important then her. Ok, if that is what you claim. I just I shouldn't be the one hurting.

Good Life Quote: inspiring, motivational & funny I can't hate her. I love her and want my family back my daughter and beautiful granddaughters.