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Trust Life is the name of this original painting. Robert Cerins created this to remind himself to trust in the process of life. We are safe. As we are spiritual beings having a human experience. :~)

Everyone has the need to be loved and accepted so today I love me so that I have love to share with everyone I meet. :~)

Being the star of my life means listening to my heart as well as your heart.

An image of a living room filled with light, colour, music and mirth. Created by the man who loves me unconditionally. :~)

Having a home filled with unconditional love starts with me loving myself unconditionally.

Connecting with friends over food and drink if a custom celebrated by all. :~)

An abstract image of blues, light greens, lilacs whites and a splash of orange to represent the journey to balance. :~) <3

This image created by Robert Cerins reminds us to be inspired to learn, always! <3

Today I acknowledge my power to change any aspect of my that I want to with enough time, patience and practice. :~)

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