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Parliament could be forced to debate a vote of no-confidence in David Cameron

David Cameron’s call for an “all-out assault on poverty” was challenged on Thursday by a think-tank analysis suggesting his government’s policies could drag an extra working families below the poverty line. A report by the Resolution

The Government has been removing names from the petition calling for a no confidence vote in David Cameron

Civil servants have been removing signatures from a petition calling for MPs to debate a no confidence vote in David Cameron.

Finally! Exposed! The Deficit Myth! So, David Cameron When Are You Going to Apologise?

As a Conservative I have no pleasure in exposing David Cameron's deficit claims. However, as long as the party continues to talk down the economy via the blame game, confidence will not be given an opportunity to return. For it is an undeniable and inescapable economic fact: without confidence and certainty there can be no real growth.

David Cameron is now more likely to step down than ever before

Following the admission by David Cameron that he benefited from offshore holdings set up by his late father, Ian Cameron, #CameronResign became the top trending hashtag on Twitter on Friday and protests have been planned to take place outside parliament over the weekend.

Police cuts: David Cameron tried to save constituency stations

David Cameron privately lobbied to stop the closure of police stations in his constituency as the force tried to find £60m of savings, the BBC learns.

Thousands of people march through London demanding David Cameron's resignation

A protest calling on David Cameron to resign has brought more than 150,000 people onto the streets of London. The March for Health, Homes, Jobs and Education was organised by activist group the People's Assembly. The demonstrators called for an end to austerity, and demanded that David Cameron quit over the revelation that he profited from his father's offshore investment fund.

An open letter to David Cameron: We don’t want to live in a selfish society

Brexit plans in disarray as high court rules parliament must have its say