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Ένα στα πέντε άτομα με φυσιολογικό βάρος έχει προ-διαβήτη

Running to lose weight great instructions on how to become a runner and pace yourself! May help me like running a little more.

How to Move Off the Weight Loss Plateau, interesting idea of cycling your calories (1 day eat 100 cals more, the next eat 200 fewer, 1 day have a cheat day, etc keeps metabolism going)

Trick Your Body Into Losing Weight to Move Past the Weight Loss Plateau

Join me in my journey to losing weight on a raw food diet that is completely vegan. I'm losing weight and reversing health issues eating raw food

7 Estratégias simples para perder peso

50 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds Losing weight doesnt have to be so hard. Here are 50 easy ways to reach your goal weight diet-exercise fitness fitness

ideas to stay lean: let veggies stir-fry mostly in their own moisture with a little oil and some water

9 Weight-Loss Tips for Crazy-Busy People

50 Ways to Lose Belly Fat- Women's Health. These tips are great for anyone trying to be healthier or lose weight in general. Easy too! Small changes can have a huge impact.

Running On Air: Breathing Technique | Runner's World. i'm a distance runner and this technique is actually great. the first day i tried it i was able to run almost twice the distance i run everyday. =D #weightlossquick

Running On Air: Breathing Technique, Runner's World. The first day I tried this, my running time was cut in half.

Love finding new ways to use protein powder.

15 New Ways to Use Protein Powder

Protein powder isn't only for making shakes. These 50 protein powder recipes will elevate your taste buds and increase your protein intake in fun new ways!

CharityMiles is a new mobile app that turns your daily run into a daily donation. I don't have a smart phone, but for those who do, definitely download this :] every workout is not only benefiting you but others!

CharityMiles App Donates for Every Step You Take

Charity Miles app donates to the charity of your choice when you run, walk, or bike! The app tracks how far you run and a corporate sponsor donates per mile ran and biked to your charity of choice.

Six Weeks to Skinny Jeans: Blast Fat, Firm Your Butt, and Lose Two Jean Sizes --- http://www.amazon.com/Six-Weeks-Skinny-Jeans-Blast/dp/B008VK0KQ0/?tag=wlts-20

Six Weeks to Skinny Jeans. Fitness guru Amy Cotta shares the diet and exercise strategies she uses to stay in swimsuit-competition shape and help her clients slim down without fail. (IMMA BE SO SKINNY!