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So how do you like being treated the same way you treated me JD? I refer to my option of not replying to your sudden outburst of pathetically whining to me. I owe you nothing. I would rather be silent than listen to the utter bullshit and lies you both gave me and everyone else. -CG


BuroBloei on

"Chaos is het woord dat we bedacht hebben voor een orde die we niet begrijpen" - Henry Miller, Letters and Social Aims - ver. M.d.H. een citaat.

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Merel Morre on

Van Merel Morre, ‏@stadsdichterEHV

'Before you judge me, make sure you're perfect.'

from French By Design

Weekend inspiration

I’m so excited about this coming weekend… I’m going to spend most of it with my dear friend and collaborator Radostina. We’re having a sleepover and an early wake up time on Sunday to go to the Alameda flea market. There is also a bit of work involved – you know that secret project I...

Hoe ontstaat regen? "als ik op de fiets naar het werk ga." #vrouwenhumor

YES. This is the most accurate thing I've read in my entire life. what I hate most of all is beating around the bush. be yourself. It's infinitely more interesting.