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I remember seeing this abused dog, but here is an update that I just came across. It was about a boy and then I saw this abused dog was a part of it.

My pitbull turned me into a superhero | Huffington Post

Our pet came to us by accident. He was a skinny, ten-month old pit bull who was punched, kicked and dragged by his previous owner in the industrial part of Brooklyn, NY. As soon as the owner walked into the bodega, he was ours. That was our first rescue.

Baby Deer Spots Police Dog, Cuddles Right Up To Her

Not the sort of friendship you witness every day :) - "Baby Deer Spots Police Dog, Cuddles Right Up To Her"

Before and after pics of Xena

Read about Xena the Warrior Puppy, the American Humane Association's Hero Dog of the Year for

Xena Update: She's no longer the starving puppy. She has a happy home and  an autistic little boy she takes care of (Or maybe he takes care of her, or they take care of each other?). Great story here. You can find her facebook page & get tons of updates.

Wonderful story: Xena the Warrior Puppy, rescued from abuse, helps boy with autism

Afbeelding van

Squirrel chair in a tree - This is such a cute idea. It would be so fun to watch a squirrel sitting in his very own little chair.

mother dogs and puppies

These adorable dog moms are proud of their cute little puppy kids, and they just can't hide it.

Please help banish the ignorance.

This is Xena. She was rescued from DeKalb County Animal Services and is currently be fostered through Friends of DeKalb Animals.

The lovely struggle of being a big dog owner.

The lovely struggle of being a big dog owner.

They don't think they're lap dogs. They are lapdogs. All dogs are lapdogs.