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Funniest pic EVER!!! Chris Farley!!

In a Crib, In a Van,Down by the River! Chris Farley, welcome back! my favorite Chris Farley movie In a Crib Van Down by the River! Chris Farley welcome back! my favorite movie

laughed way too hard! Just trade the top pic to the pic from Pretty in Pink where they meet outside during the Prom.

Girls, be careful what you wish for…

Wanting your life to be like an movie? The Breakfast Club or Gremlins ? you gotta specify

Hotel Zack & Cody - 9GAG

Hotel Zack & Cody

The old Disney Channel! The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.that was my show!

the first time i saw this i wanted to pin it, but i didn't want to scroll back up to the top to hit the pin it button!

-Scrolling a post like this takes some serious stamina. Lol- <-- Just a note: people on any new laptop built can scroll down using two fingers on your pad. I doubt I even burned any calories when I scrolled. BUT THIS WAS FUN!

A Florest.

Weed is not a drug. It’s a plant. Therefore I’m not a drug dealer, I’m a florist.