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Or maybe you like tall clguys cuz Lucifer likes to wear tall guys to the prom

sam winchester cinderella - Google Search

Dean and Sam Winchester (Probably one of the most amazing pieces of fan art I've ever seen)

"You really mean to take me on in that state, little brother? The odds are hardly weighing in your favor." "Maybe, maybe not. But if you do not give Sam Winchester back to me this instant, I swear on Anael and Lucifer’s graves I will tear you to shreds.” ||| Castiel and Gadreel Fan Art

Really did they seriously just go there and are we just going to assume that anything on the ceiling should be burned

from MTV News

'Supernatural': 11 Times Sam Lost His Shirt For Basically No Reason

Jeez @MooseMode13 ...tell your boy to put some clothes on...he makes us drool in every way here...*frustrated sigh*

I wish I saw this on my security camera

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Veenu Winchester on

#Supernatural #SamWinchester (it's posts like this that remind you that they really are just people...)

Supernatural fandom.... Dean tells God to "cool it" with the singing. Sam is more shocked at those actions than the entire episode.

Sam Winchester | Supernatural Totally a jared thing. I bet they didn't even have to write that in. Lol