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lmao, I laughed for like a minute after reading this. It helps that I just literally rewatched Swan Song.<<<<<<< remember how dean was meant to be Michael's vessel but he's shorter then sam...

"You really mean to take me on in that state, little brother? The odds are hardly weighing in your favor." "Maybe, maybe not. But if you do not give Sam Winchester back to me this instant, I swear on Anael and Lucifer’s graves I will tear you to shreds.” ||| Castiel and Gadreel Fan Art

Sam Winchester | Supernatural Totally a jared thing. I bet they didn't even have to write that in. Lol

Sam Winchester, Jared Padalecki, SPN, Moose, Supernatural themadhatter-steacup: hannibaldelecterble: next week: is your rebellion making you less attractive to Lucifer? // lol