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en stang til at hænge rengøringsartikler på #udnyt pladsen

Clever idea: use a tension rod to hang spray bottlesVia: jengrantmorris. Brilliant space-saver: install a tension rod to hang your spray bottles.

For ur room mate who never wakes on time .Sonic grenade alarm clock pull the pin and run

This Sonic Grenade alarm clock is guaranteed to get your sleepy children out of bed. Just pull the pin, throw the grenade into the room and get out of the way as it emits an ear-piercing noise.

Bubbling Slime Recipe for Sensory Tubs

Space - sensory - science - Make a bubbling slime science sensory tub that bubbles for hours and hours!

Senses Song, The Senses Song, Senses Song for Kids, Free Senses Song, Song for Teaching Senses, Five Senses Song, Touch Taste Smell Sight Sound Song

Senses Song

Description: The Senses Song is a science song that teaches the five senses. The senses song teaches kids about touch, taste, smell, sight and sound. This is a Senses Song for learning the 5 senses.

If it irks you to constantly reach past your husband's sweet relish to get to your favorite mustard, consider placing a lazy Susan on a fridge shelf. Then, each condiment (or favorite soda or yogurt!) is only a flick of the wrist away. See more at Clean and Scentsible »

Get Super-Organized by the End of the Month

A lazy Susan in the fridge. Clean & Scentsible: Organizing the Fridge and Freezer {The Household Organization Diet}

31 days of Loving Where You Live - Organize and Decorate Everything

31 Days of Loving Where You Live (tips to organize, declutter, decorate, etc.)'t wait to read this soon! decorating before and after design ideas room design interior design 2012 interior design

This Closet Organization Checklist makes the job easy! TeamWorks Realtor Group. Call us today! 540-271-1132.

The checklist to staying organized. after you had your organizer installed by Adjustable Closet & Cabinets Inc.