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Which mask will I wear to work today ? ( Sometimes you got to 'pretend ' to look happy etc ( or sad = if your an undertaker ) etc ✔️

The ringtone my dad has.. ummm.... I Miss the Misery from Halestorm. Yeah :D But this was funny anyways :D

Anime facts death note<<< What?!?!?! Idk if this is true but it does sound like it.

(gif set) "Why did you have to end up like this...?" ||| Kaneki Ken ||| Tokyo Ghoul

From her intense makeup to her insane body proportions, 19-year-old Ukraine-native Anastasiya Shpagina bears a strong resemblance to a Japanese anime character.

Thats weird since one of my anime crushes is Ashitaka from this film! Princess Mononoke!!

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Fujoshi Otaku on

I LAUGHED TOO HARD ON THIS. Rin's face though!

Hetalia! XD Anyone else read different meaning into this than what was originally intended? ;)