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juliet checking out jack but let's keep in mind that out of the "love quadrangle" (jate, skate, suliet, jacket), jack and juliet were the only ones to get married—even though they got divorced and it was in flash-sideways also, thank you so much for 6,000! both me and kat are very grateful so have amazing, supportive, lost-addicted fans! we've had this account for 235 days, or in other terms 20, 304, 000 seconds! hehe thanks for being kind, loving, and active! we really did not expe...

Charlie ♥ ...also, her dads name is Charles << he's named after Charlie Pace, period. I don't care what anyone says! And poo on Charles Whidmore, I didn't like him one bit

I didn't really watch TV, and I still dorm, but's more an experience than a show.

this picture makes me sad because charlie was so sweet and liam is a turd and look at charlie's scarf it makes him look like such a good guy and the liam made him kinda badish i guess but know im sad so yeah

You Found Me, the song that led me to discovering my ALL TIME favourite band (The Fray). Lost has truly changed my life.

hurley's like "when tf did i become your therapist?" #lost #lostscene #lostshow #lostseries #lostscenes #losttvshow #losttvseries #flight815 #oceanic #oceanic815 #hurleyreyes #hugoreyes #drarzt #lesliearzt #danielroebuck #jorgegarcia -kat