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Finnish Mythology: Louhi is the mistress/goddess of the Underworld (world of the dead). She is described as a powerful witch with the ability to change shape and weave mighty enchantments. She is also the main opponent of Väinämöinen and his group in the battle for the magical artifact Sampo in the Kalevala. She has a number of beautiful daughters, whom Ilmarinen, Lemminkäinen and other heroes attempt to win in various legends. Louhi, in true fairy tale form, sets them difficult tasks.

Tuonela is the Underworld, The Realm of The Dead, in Finnish mythology. Like other Underworlds from mythology, it sits on an island and is reached by crossing a river. It is ruled over by the God Tuoni, and His Wife, Tuonetar, who serves as Ferrywoman and Hostess. This realm appears in the Kalevala when Väinämöinen travels there seeking knowledge.

Balor In the Celtic-Irish mythology, Balor is the god of death and the king of the Fomorians, a race of giants. Balor had only one eye, which he kept closed because anything he looked at would die instantly.

Tuonetar- in Finnish mythology it was said the Queen of the underworld rode the white stag. Tuonetar is recognized as the Virgin of Death and the goddess of the subterranean worlds.

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