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The US military failed to spread democracy and freedom to Afghanistan and Iraq, but that doesn't mean they have to attack it in the USA to. #Selfservatives #Republicans #GOP #IndustrialMilitaryComplex

The Top Five Attacks On America Committed By Christian Terrorists, Not Muslims. Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee say Christians never commit terrorism on American soil. They are dead wrong.

I have more concern with domestic terrorists with the extremism that is becoming far too mainstream. They are so far to the right, they are just wrong.


At Least 80 Dead in Norway Shooting

OSLO — A lone political extremist bombed the government center here on Friday, killing 7 people, the police said, before heading to an island summer camp for young members of the governing Labor Party and killing at least 80 people. A Facebook page matching his name and the photo given out by the police was set up just a few days ago. It listed his religion as Christian, politics as conservative.