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The US military failed to spread democracy and freedom to Afghanistan and Iraq, but that doesn't mean they have to attack it in the USA to. #Selfservatives #Republicans #GOP #IndustrialMilitaryComplex

History in the Raw (The bare facts of history that you don't get to read very often): The Airship Hindenburg. A few bits and pieces. Plus a promotional piece for the Airship USS Akron of 1931

This is John Sharp of Leicester, England; one of the few POWs of the WW2 to survive such extreme treatment under the Japanese Occupation. Sharp was captured while attempting to escape when being used as slave labour on the Burma-Siam railway. His punishment for being caught was being tortured for three years and two weeks in a Singapore gaol, where he spent twelve months in solitary confinement with little to no food.

Police-dogs... at sit-stay watching a cat. (good dogs) Resist, Resist, Resist, just how long can you? When is the point that you lose self control?

Solyndra, ($535 million tax payer dollars wasted) 20 trillion in debt, (he doubled our debt) failed military strategy, (bombed more countries than Bush) the list goes on and on....

The Holy Roman Empire (HRE) in fact had little to do with the original Roman Empire. The HRE was a multi-ethnic complex set of different territories throughout central Europe. In many ways it was the predecessor of the Prussians, the Geman Empire and so on. Otto von Bismarck, famous for his creation of a welfare state, he reunified all the different German states into the German Empire (except Austria. Bismarck came to power as a Prussian statesman and was a skilled diplomat and tactician.

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