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Chilopsis linearis, Desert Willow, Orchid of the Desert, Desert Catalpa, Flowering Willow

Hardy annual to 4-6 feet tall. Also known as Rocky Mountain Bee Plant, Cleome was first described by the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Vanilla Plant, Fragrant Sweet Box (Sarcococca genus) - Ideal for shaded areas. Flowers late winter/early spring. Slowly grows to 3-5ft tall and wide if unpruned. Gives off a strong vanilla fragrance late winter. Can be pruned to a small to medium sized hedge. There are a variety of sweet box species and cultivars of differing sizes and growth rates.

Lessingia filaginifolia 'Silver Carpet' Great California native groundcover. Blooms profusely throughout spring and summer. Stays very exceptionally low. Does best with a heavy pruning following the bloom season. Would suggest interplanting with Calylophus or other low growing herbaceous groundcovers.

Arbutus 'Marina' cluster of flowers.

Liatris or Gayfeather/ ATTRACTS: Monarch Butterflies. Plant with Milkweed - an important host plant for the Monarch. Plant in mass plantings. Hates water. Never fertilize.

purple trailing lantana; heat tolerant, low water use, bright attractive flowers spring-fall. Can take over an area so plant in spots you want to fill quickly!

This is a Desert Willow tree. It is a great shade tree, with beautiful flowers. There is also a 'Royal" Desert Willow that has darker flowers.