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to live happy, live hidden
pour vivre heureux vivons caché - To live happy, live hidden
LOS ANGELES. To live happily live hidden (in Los Angeles). Everyone knows, it’s very nice to live in the luxurious neighborhood of Brentwood, at the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains. But to give it the crown over the rest of LA, it gets even better away from prying eyes, hidden behind an imposing gate with the royal coat of arms.
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And she doesn't seem to live here, though her belongings are here. The largest spread on New York's Fifth Avenue is her three apartments at ...
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Huguette's mother Anna Eugenia La Chapelle had been Clark's ward, entrusted to him in her teens for support. "Clark sent her from Butte to boarding school, then to Paris, where she studied the harp. He visited by steamship. They had two daughters: Andrée, born in 1902 in Spain, and Huguette in 1906 in Paris, where they lived with Anna."