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GEMSTONE CHARM BRACELET stashed with gemstone beads, stainless steel star charm, etc. Unique design created by NickibearJewellery, available on Etsy

Unique GEMSTONE CHARM Bracelet. OOAK including vintage & antique beads. Pinks, browns, creams, beatufiul gemstone beads. Gorgeous! by NickibearJewellery on Etsy

Gemstone charm bracelet. Hippy Boho Pagan Seaside theme! nickibear jewellery rtm Our signature style, created by nickibear - this one is stashed with high quality gemstones etc in seaside colours. Available only from nickibear jewellery!

GEMSTONE BRACELET with CHARM Details. Indian Agate beads, charm details, crysal rondelle bead, by NickibearJewellery

Lucky GEMSTONE bead BRACELET, with vintage sixpence, quality charms. Hippy Boho, Gypsy, Chic, Wicca, Pagan, Healing vibe. OOAK

Lucky GEMSTONE CHARM BRACELET, with vintage sixpence etc. Stashed with gemstone beads and quality charms. by NickibearJewellery on Etsy

AGATE CHARM BRACELET. Crackle Agate gemstone bead charm bracelet. Hippy Boho Festival Gypsy Vibe. Nickibear tm jewellery exclusive design by NickibearJewellery on Etsy

AMBER Gemstone BRACELET. Natural Amber with Amber fusion beads, Tigerseye, Iron Pyrites, etc. by NickibearJewellery

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

GEMSTONE Pastel Necklace. Rose Quartz, Rock Crystal, Natural Amethyst, Seed Pearls by NickibearJewellery So Girly!