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Brothers Conflict ~ names ther's so many of them- Haha loved this show. Made me crack up it was so corny/cute/wrong

Brothers Conflict: My Cute Sister

The 12 brothers from brothers conflict. One is sexier than the other!

: Futo and Ema well futo looks like u got her

Brothers conflict: Futo and Ema. I can't stand Futo but it is a collection of pictures

Brothers Conflict - Natsume and Ema. This is what i ship.

Natsume <<<< I like Natsume okay. I think he would be a better brother than boyfriend.for me at least

Brothers Conflict - Louis and Ema Also shipped this.

Don't like the last picture. Bc Ema represents innocence and that^(last bathtub picture) is NOT innocent. Brothers conflict: Louis and Ema