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Number 1, Dean in the Gym outfit was PRICELESS; Number 2, a little girl picked up on the awesomeness of the character moment and chose it as HER costume; Number 3) Jensen Ackles gives her a moment of time and recognizes that those TV moments, like "The whistle makes me their god...Walk it off!" are GOLDEN and TIMELESS and stops to make a priceless moment a perfect one. What a truly beautiful human being.

WATCH: Your Highness clip - starring Natalie Portman and James Franco

My name is Gale Winchester. I am the adopted daughter of Dean Winchester and I am a sister to Castiel the angel, meaning that I am part angel. I have wings and angelic powers I just don't live forever. I am good friends with Nikki Winchester. Crowley was a friend of mine until he started this blasted war. I fight on heavens side. Fear me monsters. For I am your doom.

Good lord, they have got to stop dressing Jensen Ackles up in these incredibly attractive costumes...and by stop I mean they should do it every week...