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Ohio Benefits system now linked to - Columbus

If a resident of Columbus’ Weinland Park neighborhood who makes minimum wage starts the online application for Ohio Medicaid, a pop-up window appears with listings for nearby jobs as a night-shift warehouse worker, bank teller and pest-control technician.

The Lives They Lived | "David Rakoff," by Ariel Kamner. Life Lessons: Don't trade up; Be kind; Be grateful and humble and mean it.

CHAMPS to Host Virtual Patient Experience Forum on March 12, 2014. Join us as we discuss The Critical Components of Creating an Optimal Patient Experience. Tweet using #Optimalpx

Inside Assisted Living Art Therapy Programs

Art is one of the best parts of being human, and making and enjoying art has been shown to be uniquely beneficial to seniors. This post outlines the benefits of art therapy for senior community residents, describes some successful assisted living art programs and how they are run, and showcases some beautiful art made by memory care residents. Obamacare Sign-Ups Show Wide Variation By State, Ethnicity

Medicaid cuts could put Ohio babies at risk, advocates say | The Columbus Dispatch

Adel never imagined his family’s world would fall apart, but he died w/o life insurance:

House Stuns Itself By Passing Bipartisan $214 Billion Medicare Package

The "core of the legislation: a permanent replacement for the so-called Medicare "doc fix," an annual vote to stave off cuts to the rates that doctors get paid by Medicare. The new bill instead will offer gradual raises to doctors."