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I feel like I am waiting, but I am not. I just have no interest elsewhere. I know with my heart that I dont want you at all unless God makes that happen, it is He that I wait upon. My brain gets in the way occassionally, but I know and trust my LORD. More

July like to introduce you to Rikke, who discovered Jonathan and my Smarter Science of Slim Podcasts and embarked on her *SANE journey a year ago.  This is her story."Because most of what we achieve is done over long time and step by step or in this case…

Monday Motivation: Be Kind to Yourself; It's been just under two weeks since my family and I arrived in Georgia.  We are setting in more with each passing day, but a lot about us being here has yet to sink in.  I've been grappling with a...

  You only get one chance with “today” – so pull out all the stops and make each minute count! Why wait for tomorrow, do what you can to make today amazing – ridiculously amazing!   Have a great Monday!    Source: Pinterest  

Just wanted to upload this beautiful quote i got from the gorgeous Danielle Peazer ♥ (it's just a random quote she posted on instagram) This picture says a lot about my future. Danielle is one of my favourite people on earth and I really look up to her.

Edits from Jack Romero, My wonderful Wife The Butterfly kisses, Jack Romero Overload and a little beauty and nature ;) *****Disclaimer and credits***** If you see I reblogged a photo of yours from color and turned it to B&W I hope that you take it as a...


We need to remember that media is not something we should be overwhelmed by. We should not be looking to social media websites for courage or confidence. We need to start looking at ourselves, and finding our self-worth. Media is not going to do it for us