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My wish to see the holy land and God home and do Hajj and go to Masjid al Haram Makkah, Saudi Arabia

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Dr Sohail Khan on

Kaaba Timeline


An entry from anwa

Haji-the muslim pilgrimage to mecca that takes place in the last month of the year.

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The Holy Ka'aba (الكعبة المشرفة)

Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Absolutely beautiful, masha Allah, subhan Allah, I cannot praise The Lord, Allah, enough.!

Kaabah Masjidil Al-Haram & Zam-zam Clock Tower, Mecca

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What Are Types of Umrah

In love with this place. Insha'Allah will visit this wonderful place again

Ya Allah Ya Aziz, undang aq kembali bersama istri-istriku ya Allah untuk ber umroh tahun 2015 esok ya Allah yang Maha Kaya,amiin

So close you can almost... touch it.... the beautiful Kaaba ~