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Atom Smasher, is a lot like the X-Men's Colossus: He's big and strong, but conflicted, and has made terrible decisions. He has been a villain a couple times (at least once) and his best arc was him acting as a mentor to young members of the JSA so they wouldn't make his mistakes.

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Ted Grant (New Earth)

Ted Grant (New Earth) - DC Comics Database

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Which X-Men Villain Are You?

NEVER! Magneto. Like Mystique, he has always had his own agenda that has at times allowed him to work with others but usually, he tends to want to do his own thing. He is never to be trusted. For this, he has earned a NEVER!

hawk dc comics | Hawk and Dove #4

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11 Characters We Want To See On "Constantine"

This guys name is Dr fate hes on our side it'll prob make you smile yeah I see it your smiling k stop you are smiling even more now lol k8 you need to stop aha

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Exclusive! The DC Universe Reacts To Robin's Shocking Death

CATWOMAN#18 | Exclusive! The DC Universe Reacts To Robin's Shocking Death