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"We cannot keep to ourselves the words of eternal life given to us in our encounter with Jesus Christ: they are meant for everyone, for every man and woman...It is our responsibility to pass on what, by God's grace, we ourselves have received." Pope Benedict XVI

Wisdom and love of Pope (Father) Benedict. Luke Productions - Daily audio meditations from Pope Benedict Benedictxvi.tv: Rosary in Latin with Pope Benedict:

The Athlete's Prayer 2 http://yfrog.com/5crhrdj

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The Athletes Prayer I like this for an everyday prayer (with slightly different words)

The Story, Truths, Depression, Healing, True Words

Faith, Loyalty, Religion

prayer for those who are crying out to god

Prayer For those who are crying out to God

✞❣ Prayer: Crying out to God ~ Jesus Christ, my Lord God Almighty, who was and…

God's plans are better than my dreams #faith

Gods plan will be beyond my dreams Quote: Dear God, if today I lose my hope, please remind me that your plans are better than my dreams.

If he says that, just keep looking for that special someone. you have a soul mate out there somewhere and they would do anything for you.

You are Loved-- Never let a man tell you you're not worth pursuing. For Got because man, died & rose again just to pursue you. You are worth pursuing. You are beautiful. You are love.

May he...

May He fill you with such joy that you suddenly realize just how rich you really are. My prayer for all of you.

The deepest level of worship...

The deepest level of worship is praising God in spite of pain, thanking God during a trial, trusting Him when tempted, surrendering while suffering, and loving Him when He seems distant.


5 things God's children should never worry about. Bring it all to the Lord in prayer.

"Shame says that because I am flawed, I am unacceptable. Grace says that though I am flawed, I am cherished by God.