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Mediocrity is not something I can "grow to appreciate". I just do not intend to settle for any less than genuine raw love.

unless it's mad, passionate, extraordinary, love is a waste of your time. There are too many mediocre things in life; love shouldn't be one of them. One of my favorite love quotes.

I want ...

I am not a perfect person, I make a lot of mistakes. But still, I love those who stay with me after knowing how I am.

Career decision advice.

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Ha tini vagy ezt a blogot neked találták ki. Viccek, idézetek, könyva… #humoros #Humoros #amreading #books #wattpad


My new motto. (Small print says "Just say "fuck you" and smile.


"The sweatpants of my life" HAHAHAHAHA Crying because this is so my best friend and I's relationship


I love free speech. SO if you don't like what I say or post, feel free to ignore, mute and/or block me.


“Always go with your passions. Never ask yourself if it’s realistic or not.” —Deepak Chopra And that, my friends, is how you have a happy work life.