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Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra Cape | Cleopatra - Elizabeth Taylor wearing a white low-cut dress with ...

Cleopatra - Elizabeth Taylor wearing a white low-cut dress with matching shimmering cape. It included two sun brooches, a gold coin collar necklace and.


costumefilms: “ Cleopatra - Elizabeth Taylor wearing the most famous costume of the movie, a low-cut gold lamé dress with matching mantle and traditional headpiece.

Cleopatra’s ceremonial entrance into Rome, seen here, is considered one of the most memorable moments of the film, due in large part to DeCuir’s impressive Forum sets. As Tom Mankiewicz, son of the film’s director Joseph L. Mankiewicz, notes, “My father called Johnny (DeCuir) the ‘city planner.’ He was told to build the forum three times its size, as it was thought the real Roman Forum was not impressive enough.”

The Set Designs of "Cleopatra," Elizabeth Taylor's Classic Movie

Elizabeth Taylor and her stylist Irene Sharaff on the set of Cleopatra


What Kind of Beauty Do You Possess?

Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra costumes designed by Renie Conley; inspired by the fashion of the iconic ‘Princess of the Nile’, Cleopatra.

El padre de Cleopatra, Ptolomeo XII, conocido como "Auletes", era un soberano nada querido por su pueblo por la despreocupación que mostraba ante los graves problemas que asolaban a Egipto, por su manifiesta corrupción, y por ser más amante de las fiestas que de las cuestiones de Estado. Conseguía mantenerse en el trono gracias a la ayuda romana que recibía merced a sus continuos sobornos y promesas de tributos diversos.

Elizabeth Taylor - Cleopatra 1963 - Love the fabulous colour and details in this picture - stunning



Liz Taylor Cleopatra

British-born American actress Liz Taylor playing Cleopatra in the film Cleopatra.