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Instagram photo by Amber Lynn Naughton • Oct 2015 at UTC

Black detailed silhouettes with detailed nicely shaded sketelons on inside. Sciencetific drawings. Start with cartoon skeletons in jr. high then work up to real. Roa

Unicorns are high 7th dimensional beings. They are here to help us ascend and evolve as souls. Call upon them to guide you in raising your vibration #thetahealing #rainbowchildren #crystalchildren

By Sadie Whitelocks

Controversial: Rosea Lake, who is studying graphic design and illustration at Capilano University in Vancouver, released a photograph showing what skirt lengths say about women

It doesnt really matter who youre starting out on this journey for - just start it. If you do it with a desire to learn to grow and heal and feel happier you will get there. Dont feel guilty about taking time for yourself or investing in things that will help you to get there. When you feel better are kinder to yourself and no longer spend hours a day wrestling with your own demons you free up so much time energy and love to give back to those around you. You might feel scared. You might…