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Red Fox - they eat mostly voles, but will eat small mammals, carrion, insects and fruit - active 2 hours before night until 2 hours after dawn - during the day they sleep in the open but rarely use the same spot twice - territories are 1 to 5 miles - mating is Dec thru March - they dig their own dens and have several to move their pups to - gestation is 52 days - (5-10) young are born from March to May

"How did I just-" Zashta stared at the flicker she had made in between her palms and fingertips. She wasn't of the fire element. It was physically impossible for her to use fire as her ally. But somehow she did.

Megan Fox - I love this natural look with neutral lips.

Meryl Streep.

Fstoppers Lighting Diagrams Head Shot

Woodland Animal Pair Hedgehog and Fox Finger Puppets by stayawake

if my hair looked like this (meghan fox), it could look no better.