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"If I had a dollar for every fictional character I caught feelings for I could afford the therapy I obviously need." - Funny Confessions From Random People -

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You Wish Your Bar Mitzvah Was This Fabulous

I thought I was the only one! I deliberately will go out of my way to buy the pre-movie cover. I literally REFUSE to buy a book with the movie cover.

Crying a bit but you know- I-I'm fine!

Narnia Harry Potter Percy Jackson The Hunger Games The Mortal instruments Divergent


I am a huge book nerd and these words couldn't hold any more truth to them. Reading is good for the mind and the soul. If there is time to watch TV, there is time to read a book :) SO TRUE ITS SAD!

Deviergent, Hunger Games, The Mortal Instuments, to many to continue.

When you're reading a book and you get to the part where the title starts to make sense. No one shows it like David Tennant's Doctor Who

I had the worst book hangover when i finished Wheel of Time series, i had to read it again and pretend i didn't know the ending

Book quote - "Book hangover: Inability to start a new book because you're still living in the last book's world". So true, the better the book, the worse the book hangover.

Dont even get me started

*cough cough* How to Train Your Dragon *cough*Percy Jackson*cough cough* Rise of the Guardians *cough* Harry Potter *cough* Pretty much everything *cough*

I've found my calling. Peace out, I'll be in Hollywood...

Book slappers…

The Percy Jackson movies needed someone to fill this job!>> My dream job!

Right in the feels :'( - the hunger games

The Hunger Games- wow I was thinking Seneca Crane while reading it but then nope it was cinna. That would be awesome though

It's always just one more chapter...

Skip the Crunches: 7 Ways to Work Your Abs Standing

50 Signs You're Addicted to Reading. K- read these, you will laugh when you see how true they are!

Hunger games, divergent, the fault in our stars, any john green book, maze runner, maximum ride, the selection, matched,

Hunger games, divergent, the fault in our stars, any john green book, the selection