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"Stop looking for love. It is what you are. Become an expression of this." - Andrew Mayocchi

"Stop looking for love. It is what you are. Become an expression of this." - Andrew Mayocchi

"Be curious, not judgmental." - Walt Whitman. Happiness quotes and inspirational quotes. Helpful motivation to support lessons on how to be happy, smile more, have happy thoughts and have a happy life. For more great inspiration follow us at

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This happens to everyone once in their lives to help them understand that in this life their will be challenges we have to face but we can and we will overcome them stronger while at the same time better than before we even started off.

Assumptions: they happen at the speed of light... subconsciously, we deduce until we fill in the blanks about whatever it is we're pondering. Assumptions spawn expectations... soon, you have a runaway freight train that leads to one outcome... ~JMUH

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I choose to go forward. Last year i re-found my inner spirit and ME! Now to tweak it b/c I am a happy soul with love in my heart. My purpose is to help others. God has shown me this. It's time to pursue life and love with my family and best friends.

The wisest person I've ever known shared this quote with me years ago. She was correct. It is so very true. I carry this Maya Angelou quote in my daily thoughts and observations. Thank you Arnette for sharing it with me. What a gift.

I love beautiful things. Pictures. Fashion. Tea. Music. Candles. Family. Sleep. Friends. The beach. Nail polish. Movies. Laughter. Thrift stores. Fresh flowers. Old frames. Cupcakes. High heals. Sunsets. Dreams.

I believe that when we stop loving ourselves we allow for others to enter our lives who won't be kind either. We must be kind to ourselves first so we know what we deserve and we refuse to settle for less.

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