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Funny pictures about Zombies' worst nightmare. Oh, and cool pics about Zombies' worst nightmare. Also, Zombies' worst nightmare photos.

"I can't tell who annoys who more"   - the quote from my best friend and future maid of honor.

inspiration: fortune cookie: "Marriage lets you annoy one special person for the rest of your life.

OMG!! I can not wait until Delilah is older. Daddy and I will be her zombies and she will be Michonne!

Level of awesomeness: Epic. How many costumes allow parents to make their kid a leash kid and still be the coolest costume ever? This time the parent is on the leash. Your kid ain't a pet but this is a pretty cool costume idea

My relationship status - this sometimes feels like the reality of the dating scene after 40s/divorce

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Poll Single Taken Looking for a zombie apocalypse survival partner Take your pick?

This will all happen cause of all the dumbass's who don't watch zombie movies for survival tips lmao

Zombie Apocalypse comic from the Oatmeal- LOL I'm ready with my Zombie Survival Handbook!


I Want You - Zombie Apocalypse Posters $20.15

I Want You - Zombie Apocalypse Poster

I Want You - Zombie Apocalypse Posters (so why is Uncle Sam wearing a gas mask. Could it be he's been zombified already?

Lol yup pretty much

So true! loved this cartoon. Do you remember the name of the cartoon?