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Happy Birthday indie filmmaker David Spaltro (Things I Don't Understand, ...Around!) INTERVIEW

Bob Byington’s Harmony and Me indie is one sad sacker story! INTERVIEW (Now on Vimeo)

Happy Birthday indie filmmaker Rj Schlogel of For Love & Stacie! 2009 PODCAST INTERVIEW "(Chris Brogan) took up the cause. I can't thank him enough. He's got 90,000 followers. For him to take a risk outside the box of what he usually does and mention this little indie film was more than flattering. I have had a lot of people tweeting about it, posting about it, who have heard about it directly from Chris.”

Happy Birthday to indie filmmaker David Spaltro! 2012 VIDEO INTERVIEW DAVID SPALTRO audio excerpt: "I had a kamikaze mission for my first film, ... Around. I had a six-month plan that if we finished the film, I'd juggle all the credit card debt... If it didn't work out, I'm young, I'm stupid, I'd figure it out. The only way to protect the film was to sign it away to my producers for $1. But what I did was transference fraud so I couldn't file for bankruptcy..."

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Happy Birthday to indie film director and olive oil entrepreneur Alex Ferrari! 2012 VIDEO INTERVIEW ALEX FERRARI audio excerpt: "Red Princess Blues -- I had just moved to Hollywood. We shot it on the Red camera. We were lucky enough to get actors Richard Tyson and Robert Forster. My production designer was fresh off of 24. My stunt coordinator was from 24 and is now on Hawaii Five-0.”

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