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Lady bug totem - Ladybug is the European equivalent of the Egyptian Scarab. The 7 spots symbolize the 7 in Sacred Geometry. Its appearance heralds fulfilled wishes, the diminishment of worry, and the expansion of happiness. It symbolizes regeneration, new goals, and new achievements. It also means we have a connection with other planes of reality we have experienced and will experience.


Ladybug over white bed...

Can I keep a ladybug as a temporary pet? A. Keeping a ladybug as a pet to observe will be fun. You can house your ladybug in a bug box or terrarium. Keep the foliage moist, or place a damp paper towel inside so the ladybug can get a drink. You can feed your ladybug moistened raisins or other sweet, non-acidic fruits. This will help maintain their fat reserves until you are ready to release the ladybug in spring.


Vadim Trunov's macro photography