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Thee Jack Rabbit Slims Five Dollar Milkshake (it's better than yours) ~ "I wanna know what a five dollar milkshake tastes like..... *slurps*...... That's a pretty f***in' good milkshake!" ~ Vincent Vega

This is brilliant - rather than Egg McMuffins though, I think I will use it to make egg baskets! @Nicole Giglio

Alternative Hitchcock posters

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The God father ( original 1972 ) - the sequels were really good too , but as in most extended to extra part sequels , the original in most instances by far is the best by far / but the credits for this amazing movie take some beating !! The creme de la creme of acting genius of any era really shine bright and hold any audience transfixed and the end is something the audience hope will take as long as possible as so entertaining and once seen never quite as satisfying to behold , memories !!

Shutter Island (2010)

Alternate Poster for Shutter Island I saw this movie months before it came out in my sleep. classic