I want a yurt! I'm so weird!

I like the addition, which could be bathroom or dining space. Smiling Woods Yurts :: Yurt Exteriors have a large deck. and french doors, bring the outside in, and the inside out!

Forest Dweller's Yurt

The Forest Dweller's Yurt

yurt among trees and ferns.it looks as a good idea to use this while building the actual cob dream home.

Natural Building: Living in Permanent Artwork

How to build a cob house. Steps and ideas to build a cob house. Buy Building With Cob Here ""This book shows you the ins and outs .

“Yurtle”, a Yurt “Pop-Up Camper” | Laurel Nest Yurts

“Yurtle”, a Yurt “Pop-Up Camper” | Laurel Nest Yurts

A Yurt!  Says you can assemble this one in 45 min. with 2 people.

OK, yurts are no longer a bad hippie joke; they are light and efficient and a viable alternative to traditional construction. We have shown traditional Mongolian yurts, learned from David Masters that living in a yurt is quite comfortable, and seen

30' Yurts - Pacific Yurts

Not all homes are created from wood. To live within this glam tiny house, it'll cost you! The small homes that are constructed during the filming of little Luxury are constructed within six to eight weeks.