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Genius. If my plan of marrying Jeongguk doesn't pan out, then I will make a living doing body searches of people in hopes of one day meeting my one true love

Parents Be like... From: #kpop #kpopmeme

WOAH!! He looks soo normal and serious. There is something seriously wrong with this picture!!

Fools they think I do not know, the road I'm taking If you meet me on the way, hesitating that is just because I know which way I will choose

from Twitter

BTS A.R.M.Y on

Min Yoongi { Pinterest: aubreeweaver }

I was gonna say something about V's shorts but then I realized it's his entire fucking OUTFIT. EVERYTHING IS ON POINT

Exo's Chanyeol - someone that can go from an adorable derp to a sexy beast in a single second


Missing a Flight Changed My Life... Forever

I pull my jacket tighter around me and sigh "off to California.." I mumble once I hear my flight being called. -Nova