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From Facebook Timor Steffens (August 13 2016) Some pretty cool graffiti walls here in RIO.!/u/d1b84122-7ddb-4fea-b1ed-994be82a8b0f

Facebook Timor Steffens (Sept. 20 2015) Dissing or disliking a contestant of the show is something I can live with. But racist tweets.... Really? Very disappointed. #twitter #notoracism #fuckracism #dancedancedance

From Facebook Timor Steffens (Nov. 12 2015) Tonight 21.50 on RTL5. "Dirty Dancing" with Judeska.. I was SO naive to think that Judeska was easier to lift then @jandinoasporaat #goodbyelowerback #wholiftswho #DINO #TIMORANDJUDESKADUET!/dino-346530/c11b48b7-a15d-49da-8a15-6703f6bf064c

From Facebook Timor Steffens (Nov. 18 2014) There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly. #stayfocused #dontgiveup #GoHard Picture by KJER