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A ver si te lavas los dientes, Joker

A ver si te lavas los dientes, Joker

Some great #prank-spiration for aspiring pranksters out there! (: #funny

How to mess with people

Ha, I often do the teleporting kne. Brilliant Ways To Subtly Mess With People funny jokes story lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings joke hilarious humor prank stories funny jokes pranks

Hahahahaha XD I have no idea why this is so funny!! XD

Facepalm Level: Batman.

Funny pictures about Hi Batsy. Oh, and cool pics about Hi Batsy. Also, Hi Batsy.

It's definitely time to start preparing - to do these and to AVOID these! Almost everyone knows April Fool's is all about pranking each other - maybe you've seen a few good pranks in your time but the pranks below will blow anything you've ever seen out of this world. Take some inspiration from these pics and prank a friend but be careful - don't let yourself be the victim by making sure you've seen these. But just be warned if you do use these pranks - your friends will probably be quite…

Here Are 26 Of The Best April Fools Pranks Ive Ever Seen. Some Are Just Evil!- the Febreze grenade

Making some little fellow very happy…

Making some little fellow very happy…