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Enough fighting, already!

You’re in the middle of another argument with your partner. Can’t they see that you’re obviously right, and they’re so totally wrong? Their sense of logic confounds you. Why don't they see that your way makes total sense, and their way is stupid?

Pay raises, two-tier pay scales, health insurance benefits and other issues will be on the table starting Monday when the United Auto Workers begin national contract negotiations in Detroit. Talks start first with General Motors, followed quickly by Ford and Fiat Chrysler.

Parking lot vigilantes abuse woman with 'invisible' disability After parking at a disabled parking space at the Margate Winn-Dixie, Debbie Mizrahi noticed a man staring at her and shaking his head.

Relationship Building: Shared Qualities Use this worksheet to encourage a couple to work together. The couple will be asked to identify common values, goals, and positive experiences from their relationship. The goal of this worksheet is to place focus on positive interactions.